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If you end up with debt and you're unsure of what to do then it makes sense to get in touch with experts who can talk you through all the debt solutions available to you today.

Depending on how much you owe to creditors and how much of your debts you can repay then a UK debt advisor can provide you with debt advice that is fast and confidential. For example if you have debts over £5,000 then you could try an option like a DMP (Debt Management Program), an IVA or even debt consolidation.

And it's imperative that all outstanding loans are included as part of any debt management. For example if you have any personal loans, unsecured loans, or even small payday loans then these should also be included so they can be handled by the DMP.

  • Get debt free in 60 months
  • Low monthly repayments
  • Interest frozen
  • Creditors action stopped
  • Only pay what you can afford
Debt Help Advice
  • Debts over £2,000?
  • 2 or more creditors?
  • £200/month disposable income?
  • Employed or self-employed?
  • Debts cleared in 60 months?

If you find your debts are spiralling out of control then do not worry! With a debt help program you will have a dedicated UK debt help advisor who will initially talk you through all your options. Initially putting your mind at rest the debt help advisor will then handle all your creditors, ensuring that you are left without the hassle of calls and letters from angry creditors.

In the event that a Government IVA is the best debt management solution then an Insolvency Practitioner will look after all the paperwork, negotiations with creditors etc.

Other debt solutions available that don't involve DMPs or IVA's are debt consolidation loans. These can help you pool are your debts into one manageable loan. By doing so will allow you to have just one loan with a lower interest rate. These types of loans are widely available from high street banks but the best rates are available online from companies like Apple Loans and you can view secured loans here to see their rates and the loans they offer.

Editors note: Given the amount of finance available to UK residents and the many ways you can get in debt due to mis-management of finance, in the event you do need finance it's important you get a loan etc at the lowest rates. One way to ensure you get low rates is to use a service from a site like http://www.homeimprovementloans.org.uk where you can compare 100's of loans and find which UK lender offers the lowest rates. Sometimes keeping your debt to a mininum can be a matter of acting smarter when looking for finance in the first place.

Resist the grace periods that credit cards may offer you if you're trying to fix your credit. It may be tempting to be able to skip payments, but it's not a good idea. A history of regularly paying off your balances is vital to a good credit record. Pay at least the minimum every month, and more if you can afford it.

Remember that even asking for credit has a negative impact on your credit score. One or two inquiries are not that big of a deal, but keep in mind that these inquiries stay on your credit for 2 years and they will add up. Don't apply for cards or loans just to see if you'd get approved.

Knowing how individual agencies report to bureaus will greatly improve your repair efforts. Different creditors may report problems based on certain criteria and use different time frames for reporting. Research the standards for credit cards, loans and any lender for that matter, to know when and how these issues are reported.

When working to repair your credit it is important to make sure everything is reported accurately. Remember that you are entitled to one free credit report per year from all three reporting agencies or for a small fee have it provided more than once a year.

You should also be aware that taking control of your monthly finances is your highest priority. Most people who get themselves in debt mis-manage their spending and waste money on things they don't need. But one way to help manage finances as long as you are very good at controlling your money is the use of a bad credit loan. When used exactly as they're intended they can help you out with cash flow and consolidate your payments into one amount. It's when people don't pay them back on time that massive debts can occur. Our advice is to deal with reputable companies that have no hidden fees or charges.

As has been stated before, credit debt can make you feel frantic and scared. You can never hope to get yourself out of debt if you do not know how to get out of debt.

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