Case Study: Peter Age 62 from Cambridge

10 Creditors

  • Lloyds Bank OD: £1539
  • Barclays Credit Card: £10348 (passed to PRA GROUP)
  • Lloyds Loan: £7574
  • RBS Credit Card: £4728
  • American Express: £5409
  • Lloyds Credit Card: £16424
  • Aqua Credit Card: £7867
  • Newday Credit Card: £6410
  • Capital One: £4950
  • Sunny Pay Day Loan: £369

Total Debt: £65,618

Monthly Payment before IVA: £1100

Monthly Payment after IVA: £200

Peter , Aged 62 , Single living on pension with debt of over £64000 with more than 11 creditors and was making huge repayment of £1100 to all lenders.

On top of this he had to pay priority bills such as rent close to £1100/m and plus other bills which in turn, was not leaving behind anything for him by the end of month despite with the good income of £2600 coming in form of pension.

‘Zero Debts provided a really good service and helped him understand the financial options he had. He would absolutely recommend approaching Zero Debts if you are struggling on managing your debts.’